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We make 99% of everything we serve from scratch. From our 10hr slow cooked Barbacoa Beef, to our signature sauces and salsas, we even fry our own tortilla chips to get your Nachos & Totopos to Extra Dope level.

Ask your server about today's desserts & please tell us about any allergens or food intolerances.

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NWA (Nachos With Attitude)

Loaded Nachos with our homemade nacho cheese sauce, fresh tortilla chips (guajillo chili, yellow corn, blue corn, cactus) topped with pico de gallo, jalapenos, crema, guac and spring onions. Big Enough to Share! £8.50

add black beans £2

add tinga chicken £2.50

add barbacoa beef £3

Alitas de Pollo (Chicken Wings)

Our house wings with spicy pineapple and mango salsa £8

Alitas de los Muertos 

"Wings of the Dead", An amazing depth of flavour, but savage in heat… There is heat on this street! They come with a side of our lime crema to cool you down… (glass of milk always available) £9

Salted Cod Croquetas

Salted Spicy Cod Balls, IWA 9 chilli dip £6.50

Totopos (Fresh Tortilla Chips and Dips)

with pico de gallo £4.50

with pico, salsa tatemada, crema £6.50

with Guacamole Supremo - sheep's cheese, pomegranate £8


12" flour tortillas packed with melted cheese, pico de gallo & guacamole

Dr Dresadilla - bbq chicken, caramelized onion, mango pico £10

Easy-V- black beans, melted cheese, pomegranate £9

Go Vegan Cheese £1

Salsas & Dips

spicy pineapple and mango £1

IWA 9 chili £1

smoky BBQ £1

lime crema (Mexican sour cream) £1

salsa tatemada (cumin seed, garlic, tamatillo) £1

traditional pico de gallo £1.50

fresh guacamole £1.50

French Tacos

Mexican, French Style… 12” press-toasted tortilla stuffed with skin-on fries, homemade French cheese sauce, meat of choice, with IWA 9 chili sauce and extra fries.

De La Soul - crispy very Southern fried chicken, bbq sauce £10.50

The Notorious P.I.G.- pork carnitas, pineapple, onion £11

Flavor Flav - barbacoa beef, spring onion, roasted peppers £11.50


4.5” Soft Corn Tortillas, Served in Pairs

Tinga Chicken - chicken, charred corn, spring onion, crema £10

Pibil Roasted Pork Belly - grilled pineapple, house salsa, red onion £10.50

Barbacoa Beef - 9 Chili sauce, onion, guac, sheep’s cheese £10.50

Baja Fish - beer battered cod, pico de gallo,IWA 9 chili pickled pink onion, chipotle slaw £10.50

Baja Blossom - (Awesome Faux Fish Taco) vegan beer battered banana blossom, pico, IWA 9 chili sauce, pink onions, Mex slaw £10.50


Street Corn - (Elote) charred corn on the cob, mayo, butter, sheep's cheese, guajillo chili powder, lime £5

Frijoles - black beans, chili, garlic, cumin £3.50

Mexican Slaw - seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs, green chili, lime & herb mayonnaise £4.50

Loaded Mexican Street Fries - skin-on fries, loaded with barbacoa beef, fresh nacho cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapenos, crema, guacamole, spring onion, crumbled sheep’s cheese £8

Seasoned Fries £4

Kid's Menu £7

All served with cucumber ribbons, tomatoes & chips

Drink - apple juice, orange juice, or bottled water

Main Course - choose from: fried chicken goujon wrap with bbq sauce, or queso quesadilla (cheese only), or mini fish 'n' chips

Dessert - chocolate/ vanilla ice cream or sorbet