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We make 99% of everything we serve from scratch. From our 10hr slow cooked Barbacoa Beef, to our signature sauces and salsas, we even fry our own tortilla chips to get your Nachos & Totopos to Extra Dope level.

Ask your server about today's desserts & please tell us about any allergens or food intolerances.

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NWA (Nachos With Attitude)

Our ultimate loaded nachos - with IWA homemade nacho cheese sauce, freshly fried tortilla chips (guajillo chilli, yellow corn, blue corn, cactus) topped with pico de gallo, jalepenos, roquitos, crema, guacamole and spring onions.

NWA Nachos £10

Big enough to share!

add frijoles (IWA black beans) £2.50

add chicken ting £2.95

add la beef chile £2.95

IWA Wings

All served with crema & lime.

House £7.95

Pinapple & arbol chili

Mexican Buffalo £7.95

IWA famous 9 chilli

Wings of the Dead £9.95

'Alitas de los muertos'

These wings are killer hot! They have serious flavour, but if you can't do vindaloo...

Cod Croquetas

5 spicy panko coated sustainable salted cod croquettes £5.50

Choose your dip:

IWA 9 chilli, pineapple & arbol chilli, tatemada

Southern Chicken

Spicy fried chicken tenders & dip

3 chicken tenders £4.50

5 chicken tenders £5.50

Choose your dip:

IWA 9 chilli, pineapple & arbol chilli, tatemada, smoky BBQ

French Tacos

Mexican but French style... 12" press-toasted tortilla, stuffed with skin-on fries, homemade French cheese sauce, meat, extra fries & dip

De La Soul (BBQ) £12.00

Crispy southern fried chicken, smoky BBQ

La Beef Chile (Crema) £11.50

Smokin' Mexican chillies, flame roasted tomatoes, IWA black beans & the fresh mince

The Snoop £12.50

It's Vegan Dogg...

Amazing banana blossom, pico, pomegranate seeds, IWA black beans, homemade vegan chz sause, with salsa tatemada & pickled pink onions


Folded 12" flour tortillas packed with melted cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole & IWA 9 chilli dip

Dr Dresadilla £11.00 

Mexican jerk chicken, adobo bbq, caramelized onion, pinapple pico de gallo

Classic £10.00

Just fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese

Easy-V £9.00

black beans, melted cheese, pomegranate

Make it vegan, swap to vegan cheese £1

Street Tacos

Served in pairs. Two 4.5" soft corn tortillas

Chicken Ting £11.00

Our Mexican jerk chicken, salsa tatemada, guac, pico

Piggie Smalls £11.00

Amazing fusion between Mexico and Great British roasted pork belly, with bangin' crackalackin, charred pineapple, crema, pineapple chilli salsa, pickled pink onions, pico

Baja Fish £11.00

Mexican beef battered cod fillet, IWA 9 chilli, pico

Baja Blossom £11.00

Vegan beer battered banana blossom, makes an amazing faux fish taco!

OG Tacos £9.50

USA homestyle crispy tacos, la beef chile, shredded iceberg, pico de gallo, crema, shredded cheese, and a delicious mess


Mango Chilli Cheesecake £6.50

New York baked vanilla cheesecake with a mango and guajillo chilli coolis and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Churros & Chocolate £6.00

5 churro sticks tossed in cinamon sugar with a sumptuous dark chocolate dipping sauce

Mango Sorbet £5.00

2 scoops of vegan mango sorbet

On The Side

IWA black beans £3.50

Chilli, garlic, cumin, onion cerviche

Loaded Mexican street fries £8.50

Skin-on Mexican fries, loaded with beef chile, IWA nacho cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalepenos, roquitos, crumbled sheeps cheese, guacamole, spring onion

Nacho Fries £5.50

Mexican seasoned fries with a pot of IWA nacho cheese sauce for dipping

Mexican seasoned fries £3.50

Mexican slaw £4.50

A rainbox of gorgeous fresh super beg, lightly spiced (vegan)

La beef chile with crema £4.50

Salsas & Dips

Pineapple arbol chilli £1

IWA 9 chilli £1

Crema (Mexican soured cream) £1

Salsa tatemada (cumin, garlic, tomatillo) £1

Traditional pico de gallo £1.50

Small Guacamole £1.50

Smoky Chipotle Adobo £1

Smoky BBQ £1