Christmas Cocktails

Apple Strudel, £9
Cariel vanilla vodka, J&B scotch, apple schnapps, martini extra dry, apple juice, dash of sugar, crowned with cinnamon & sugar
Tastes just like Apple Strudel. Strong and sweet, delicious!

It's a Wonderful Life, £8.50
Brockman's gin, white crème de cacao, single cream, topped with chocolate powder
Our twist on a classic Gin Alexander. Subtle taste, reminiscent of a strawberry crème chocolate.

Chocolate Orange Martini, £9
Cariel vanilla vodka, Mozart dark chocolate, crème de cacao, triple sec
The ultimate Christmas party drink. All the chocolate, very sweet, just like a certain gentleman's chocolate orange.

Amaretto Sour, £8.50
Amaretto Disaronno, lemon, pineapple, dash of aromatic bitters, shaken hard and topped with a cherry
A Christmas classic, liquid marzipan.

Christmas Margarita, £8.50
Cabrito tequila reposado, cranberry, lime, triple sec
Like we need an excuse to drink tequila all year round! Feliz Navidad!

Port No.2, £7.50
Tawny Port, clementine liqueur, dash of orange bitters, dash of aromatic bitters
Sophisticated palette. One for the port lover. The addition of the orange liqueur gives a Christmas boost to this seasonal favourite.

Cinque Ports' Chocolate Orange, £7.50
Mozart dark chocolate, 25ml clementine liqueur, served short on the rocks
Smooth and decadent. This simple cocktail is simply wonderful.

Babbo's Toddy, £8.50
Martini Rosso, cinnamon syrup, Campari, Jameson's, topped with hot water & served with fresh orange
The Negroni lover's Christmas tipple. This Italian take on the hot toddy is named after Babbo, Italian Santa Claus. Complex flavours that warm the cockles on those cold winter days.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate, £4.50
Classic fair trade hot chocolate with 50ml of our house red
Red wine adds a velvety richness.