Winter Cocktail Menu

Apple strudel, £9
Cariel vanilla vodka, J&B scotch, apple schnapps, martini extra dry, apple juice, dash of sugar, crowned with cinnamon & sugar

Chocolate Orange Martini, £9
Cariel vanilla vodka, Mozart dark chocolate, crème de cacao liqueur, triple sec

Amaretto Sour, £8.50
Amaretto Disaronno, lemon, pineapple, dash of aromatic bitters, shaken hard and topped with a cherry

Port No.2, £7.50
Tawny Port, Clementine liqueur, dash of orange bitters, dash of aromatic bitters

Hot Negroni, £8.50
Martini Rosso, cinnamon syrup, Campari, Jameson’s, topped with hot water & served with fresh orange

Red Wine Hot Chocolate, £4.50
Classic fair trade hot chocolate with 50ml of our house red for extra richness